If you already have a vCard Global business card, good for you!
vCard Global is yet another cool feature of your membership in DNP.

We have some work to do to make it useful, but when you have your own vCard Global account, your contact information becomes much more useful to anyone who uses our website for contact sharing and business referrals. More to the point, more referrals should mean to more money to you!

Have a look at a vCard, for example.
If you want one for yourself or your business, just scroll down to the bottom of mine
for more information, or call or write to me directly to get started.

Here is a list of current vCard Global accounts.

Name: Email:
Denise Gardner surplusgirl.123look.com
Gene Shaw geneshaw.123look.com
Greg Kain creativejuicez.123look.com
Katy Treadwell katytreadwell.123look.com
Ken Day kenday.123look.com
Mike Murrell mikemurrell.123look.com
Ronda Henry servpropalmdesert.123look.com
Sheila Barton sheilabarton.123look.com
Todd Schufelt toddschufelt.123look.com